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Knowing exactly where your audience is coming from is the KEY to making smart, data-backed business decisions.

Anticipate What Your Audience Will Do Next With This Google TraffiC Dashboard

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And it doesn’t cost a lot of money OR require constant updating to do it.

Most business owners I work with don’t realize there’s a way to reliably measure their website traffic automatically…

And if you're measuring your traffic by hand, you're wasting A LOT of time!

If you’re not measuring your traffic, you’re wasting money…

Or see real-time shifts in your traffic from month-to-month?

Or what blog posts or topics your audience is reading and the exact keywords they're using to find you?

Or which social media platforms are worth putting your money into? 

Exactly where your traffic is coming from and what marketing strategies are driving people to your site?

What If You Could Know…

Businesses that have a Data Transformation Dashboard up and running know all of this information…

And they’re using it to make educated and informed decisions on their next moves, marketing strategies, and content.

Can you confirm which marketing strategies are working? Which ones brought in the most leads, traffic, and buyers?

Do you understand how and WHERE to look for valuable data using Google Analytics?

Do you know what web pages and content your audience is most interested in?

Ask yourself:

I’ve even had clients create entirely new products based off of this data alone!

Overview  (Where your traffic is coming from)

​Top Pages  (The top posts/pages on your site)

​Organic Search  (What keywords are being searched to find your page)

​Social Media Traffic  (How many people are coming from each platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

exactly what you'll get:

The Data Transformation Dashboard: The Easiest & Fastest Way To Unlock Invaluable Information About Your Audience

let me introduce you to...

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While a Data Transformation Dashboard might not be the flashiest thing to invest in for your business, it is by far one of the most important.

After working with all kinds of online businesses, I noticed that across the board, entrepreneurs were missing out on highly valuable data right under their noses…

And the only reason was because they didn’t know how to get it.

They wasted time and money on marketing strategies that would’ve never performed the way they wanted them to because they didn’t have the data to plan accordingly!

So I created a Traffic Measurement Dashboard that business owners can set up on any website to track their traffic, make a data-backed plan, and scale their business… no spreadsheets required!

Best of all, you…

I’ve made this process as easy as possible.

Using videos and step-by-step instructions, you can install this on your website in 10 minutes or less once you have Google Analytics & Google Search Console connected…

And everything is formatted as a template, so you can simply plug it in and go!

Now, let’s talk about...

Don’t Have To Be A Tech Wiz To Set This Up

Not just see where your webpage traffic is coming from but who is going to your sales page, checkout page, and thank you page - plus the conversion rates of each.

Ditto from above but also for your lead magnets!

UTMs are so informative and you will literally see them com up on the UTM Report once you implement properly. Don't delay!

To make sure you have the best data coming in!


A Sales Traffic Page

A Leads Traffic Page

UTM Training course
& UTM Traffic Dashboard

PLUS a comprehensive GA4 Setup Course 



The GA4, Traffic Measurement Dashboard and UTM Training Course Bundle costs just $17.

You’ll get everything you need immediately as a download, including step-by-step instructions and your templates to get everything going.

Now, this is important…

Here's What To Do Next

Don’t Wait Too Long To Get It!

The thing about Google Analytics is that you can’t get data from before it was installed.

It only generates data from the time it’s set up and on.

That means the sooner you get this dashboard up and running, the better, because the longer you wait, the more data you’ll be missing out on…

And the more time and money you’ll be wasting guessing what to do next!

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There’s a massive difference between businesses that know where their traffic is coming from and those that don’t.

Gaps In Traffic To Web Pages They Could Capitalize On

I’m a Certified Director Of Operations who has worked with dozens of online businesses to optimize their systems.

While doing that, I realized that most of my clients were experiencing…

I'm ANGE and I'm so excited you are here!

Install A Reliable, Automated GOOGLE Traffic Dashboard With These Easy-To-Use Templates


I'd honestly rather you get it now, set it up and forget about it for an entire year, than to wait and get it a year from now. 


Data from before you connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console to your site does not show up or populate. So it's always better to do it sooner rather than later.

what if i'm a new business owner


It connects to Google Analytics and Google Search Console - which are both free.

do I have to pay for a new platform


It connects to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. So as long as they are connected to your webpage (whether it's on Wordpress/Squarespace/Wix/ ShowIt/Clickfunnels/Kajabi/Kartra/etc.

will it work with any website



... unless you move your webpage.

How often do i have to update it


You need to have both Google Analytics and Google Search Console installed. If they are not, then I walk you through how to do it. 

Once they are installed it can sometimes take a day for the information to pull through - but otherwise setting up the Data Studio Dashboard will take you 5 minutes with my step by step tutorial.

How long does it take to set up


Have Questions? I've got Answers

This is updated and revamped to connect to GA4!

Universal Analytics is now over. 

GA4 for the win!



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I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and hope for data-backed business plans in your future!

~ Ange 

You Don’t Have To Wait Any Longer Or Try To Figure This Out On Your Own

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